Golf Lessons And Clinics

Mike Perpich

Mike Perpich
Director of Instruction
Class A PGA Member

Lesson Rates 45 Minute

One Lesson: $160.00 per lesson
Series of 2 – 10 lessons- $125.00 per lesson

Lessons are booked on the 3rd Wednesday of the month for the upcoming month beginning at 7:00 a.m.

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Phil Wagoner         

Phil Wagoner, Head Golf Professional

Lesson Rates
45 Minute - Adult Lesson  $95 .00

Email Phil at to schedule a lesson.

About Phil
I have been teaching golf for 40 years. I know, I'm old, but with all those years comes a lot of experience that I use with my students. My teaching and playing philosophy have been influenced by golf instructors Bob Skelton, Brooks Simmons, Rick McCord, Jodie Mudd, Mike Perpich, Mac O' Grady, Danny Elkins, and George Hunt. All of these teachers taught the importance of the basics; grip, posture, alignment, face position, pivot, and plane and I have followed their lead and also teach those basics.

While students all have unique positions and movements in their swings, I am always working to get the student in an improved impact position. A good impact position will produce good results. Identifying the swing flaws that happen prior to impact will greatly improve the impact position without thinking about impact. This improved impact position will produce more accuracy and more distance, something all students want.

I also feel it is important for my students to understand why certain things happen in their swings and the results they are producing. Being able to understand what makes what happen in the golf swing is a very important key to improvement. The better you understand your swing the better you will be at self-diagnosing problems when they occur. We all have tendencies that are unique to our swings. These tendencies have a way of popping up again and again over your golf life, so the better you understand your swing tendencies the better you will be able to get yourself back on track.

Playing Accomplishments

1981 and 1982 Georgia Southern College Golf Team Member

1982 USGA Public Links - Silver Medalist Local Qualifying

Participant in 2 PGA Tour Sponsored Events

1990 Georgia Section PGA - Eastern Chapter Championship Winner

1991, 1992, 1998, and 2005 Georgia Section PGA - Pro-Assistant Champions

1991 PGA of America National Club Pro Championship Participant

1993 Georgia Section PGA - Atlanta Open Champion

2013 PGA of America National Senior Club Pro Championship Participant

2018 Georgia Section PGA Senior Pro-Pro Champion

* Rates are subject to change
* All series are paid in full at the beginning of the series
* Failure to show for an appointed lesson will result in a loss of that lesson from your series.

Jamie Hein

Assistant Golf Professional

RiverPines Apprentice Golf Professional
Junior Lesson Rates
45 Minute Junior Lesson  $45.00
Adult Lesson Rates
45 Minute Lesson  $80.00

Schedule a lesson online at JamieHein.ProAgenda.Com
Email Jamie at to schedule a lesson.

About Jamie
My philosophy comes from 3 people, Mike Perpich, Adam Bazalgette, and myself.  I receive lessons monthly from Mike, and receive my online information from Adam. Lastly, I practice more than most people you would meet, so I bring my own learning experiences to the lessons! 

Sam DeFreece

Assistant Golf Professional
RiverPines Apprentice Golf Professional


Junior Lesson Rates
30 Minute Junior Lesson $60.00
45 Minute Junior Lesson $70.00
Series of 4 Junior Lessons $220.00
Adult Lesson Rates
45 Minute Lesson $70.00
Series of 4 lessons $260.00
Series of 6 lessons $390.00
Email me at:

Justin Killeen

Assistant Golf Professional

Junior Lesson Rates
45 Minute Junior Lesson  $65.00
Adult Lesson Rates
45 Minute Lesson  $80.00

Lesson Packages Available Upon Request

Email Justin at to schedule a lesson.

About Justin
"We are building firm foundations so mighty houses can be built upon them."

-Sound golf principles used by professionals
-Simple and repeatable techniques
-Positive and upbeat direction led by the spirit

2 Timothy 2:5
"And if a man also strive for masteries, yet he is not crowned, except he strive lawfully."

Playing Accomplishments
Competitive Participant in PGA  section tournaments. A tried and true tournament competitor.

Kisok Andrew Kim

Assistant Golf Professional

Junior Lesson Rates
45 Minute Junior Lesson  $85.00
Adult Lesson Rates
45 Minute Lesson $90.00

Email Andrew at to schedule a lesson.

About Andrew:
I believe “Educated Hands” is the secret to playing golf. My teaching is based on the golfing machine concept that I have studied for the past 40 years; I’m also familiar with the teachings of Ben Doyle and George Kelhhofer. It is my lifetime goal to teach golf as long as I am able and to produce PGA tour players.
Next to golf, I’m very passionate about guitar playing and fly fishing; these three activities make my life filled with blessings and happiness along with my family. I have two adult children. I live in Duluth, Ga with my wife, mother-in-law, our dog and cat.

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